martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Big aperture

Hello and be welcome to the blog "Sew & Fighting"
In this first entry, with the opening, I decided to start with the basics of how, why and what we have designed this little blog.

Here where I am, the writer and owner of the blog, I'm a fan of couture. I love analyzing the seams, fabrics and patterns of garments. Specifically, I am fond of the Lolita ...
But for me, the whole world is cosplay. A world that can be fun as well as educational.
So this blog is about cosplay. And it's precisely written in English so that all you, my dear readers, curious or friends, like me you can enjoy this hobby ... And give me a push as cosplayer hehe :)

Born why this blog is very simple: Each time I find a book or something on TV about cosplay, I find the lack of information or, in some cases, one might add the odd anecdote that entertain us or make us think.

So this blog will not want it to be a plain and simple gallery of my creations. My intention is also to show the odd tutorial, experiences with certain materials or activities and even some articles about my opinion on how the world of the cosplayer here in Spain.
So, welcome to Sew & Fighting:
And to start, nothing beats a cosplayer profile. Here we go!


Name: Andrea B. (MinatoRN)
Country: Barcelona (Spain)
Age: 19 (Born on 5/12/19XX)
Profession: Art Student. She's doing Higher Level of Textile Art on Escola Massana
Likes: Sew, cosplay, theater, anime, manga, draw, tea, piano,
steampunk, lolita, sleep, Lady Gaga, sing
Dislikes: Racism, Homophobia, GBV, So-annoying-gullible people
Favourite Music Band: Abingdon Boys School
Favourite Videogame: Shin Megami Tensei Saga
First Cosplay: Nuriko, Fushigi Yuugi (9 years)
First Cosplay Handmade: Kiba Inuzuka, Naruto (12 years)
Last Cosplay: Toris Lorinaitis -Lithuania-, Hetalia
Favourite Cosplay: Roderich Edelstein -Austria-, Hetalia
¿Some awarded cosplay?: Hell yeah! First, Wang Yao (Hetalia), then Roderich Edelstein xD
Time sewing+cosplaying seriously: Just 1 year n//n