viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

How it works? Kiku 2010

Sorry so long to update! Life is very moving, and when I'm not studying, I'm sewing or god knows what. And so, Now that I'm on home today because I had surgery yesterday, I'll update the blog.
But before, I tell you that I'm fine about the surgery, thanks.

I've done a lot of cosplays since my last blog entry, but I want to talk for this moment of my January's cosplay for the Otakhristmas 2010, Kiku
Honda from Hetalia.
And you may think... Why to talk about that cosplay? What m
ake it better than others like the Austrian War cosplay, or the meltdown remix ones?
Well, i'ts only because I put love on it... In a way to practice my skills of what I've learned on my studies.

See what I've done...

Yeah! I print my own drawings on the clothes! It's a long process, not so hard as the first time you do it, but If you do it right the final results are amaizing!!


That Sakura Flower was for my cosplay of Kiku Honda from Axis Powers Hetalia. I've used this process also on a weird -but funny- cosplay: Zombie Beyoncé on Telephone.

Thanks for reading, darlings! I wish to make more blog entries in future!