domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Into Reactor

Cosplay: Kagamine Rin Appearance: Japan Weekend 2011

I want to put on this blog, for this time, the big Photoshoot that weeks ago I've made with Butter Cookie.
One of my lasts cosplays was the Meltdown Remix version of Kagamine Rin from popular Vocaloid. I've started this cosplay... Well, after the Manga-Con of Barcelona, in Christmas.
I was wishing to wear it on the Japan Weekend from my city, but... Well, I needed more time.

Now I can't think that it's finished, but for the time I can say that I'm ending it.
I met with Butter Cookie 'cause I was really tortured of not having photos of this. You know, it's the same sh*t with the cosplays that you make for the Manga-Con... Lot of time sewing, and any photo 'cause you have to go to a place or to other.

Tha bad thing of that cosplay is wear it: I mean, it's all made of vynil, it's really hard to be under a Summer Sun... And have to hear the sh*t comments of the people of the street. But B.C. make a great work with the photos... On the roof of her home!

Best wishes~

2 comentarios:

  1. com mola el cosplay *_*

  2. La verdad es que este cos es bien chulo, me gusta mucho esta versión d Rin :3 Butter vive en el centro practicamente no?? XDDDDD Se ve ahí nuestro amigo Colón~~

    Ya te digo yo que si todo va bien te pediré que repitas el cosplay baby~~~*cejitas*

    La gente que se mete con otra por el cosplay es idiota ·__· Aún asi, sé bien lo que puede llegar a afectar que se metan con uno por la calle (y más si va solo). Lo bueno es que también te encuentras a gente que te dice lo guap@ que vas, y eso es gratificante =D