domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Deadly Hollows (I)


Hi there!!!
I'm back from the Barcelona Harley Days 2011. I've dressed like Stocking with a Maid clothes... Wow, a lot of cameras have asked me to photos, calling me saying "Hey, there, look here!"
I felt like Hagaren or Stay in an important Cosplay-con xD

Well, well, let's get some serious.
It's near the end of the Harry Potter's saga... I know that some people have seen already the movie, but here in Spain miss few days for the premiere.
So, I'm working on a cosplay of Harry Potter, to be exact, in a Ravenclaw's uniform, on my OC Chen Mu.

I've decided to make photos and put the tutorials. I'm trying to do the robe, the wand and the pullover.
I will start with the pullover: Here we're in summer, so my uniform it's ready for stay fresh.
I mean, short sleeve shirt, tie, pullover tops, trousers, shoes and the robe for be inside the cinema.

I have the good luck of found in my wardrove an old pullover of my brother. I've cut the sleeves and here you have how it looks:

Yes, it's a good pullover: It have the collar in two tipes of blue, so it's perfect for a Ravenclaw. The only two bad points are that, first of all, it's a soft grey, and finally, you can see that weirdo horse as logo... But don't panic, here we will put the Ravenclaw's emblem.

Now, it's time to make that pullover a little more grey, but first...

Some fresh tea~

Ok, I've called this tutorial "How to Dye your cosplay". For it we need:
-Dye Powder (I've used Deka Dye Powder, type L and Pearl-Grey nº 98. You can find it in a Fine Art's Shop)
-Fixative of the Dye Powder (Okay, this thing it's special for the Deka Powder, you can find it also in a Fine Art's shop)
-Kitchen (You'll need to work with hot water, salt, vinegar and all that stuff)

Cution: The Deka powder say that you musn't touch or innhale de powders. Better take care... Me not, I've worked without protection, but I can assure that the powder stings.

First, we have to heat some water. The indications of Deka say 10 l., but I've used the capacity of the big casserole that you can see in the picture.
I want to tell, I'm so affraid of being on a kitchen or use fire... So I've took a lot of time for heat the water.
When you see make it bubbles it's ready for work with it.

I recommend to work in some big plastic bowl, like the basin of the mops, cause it can dye your casserole.

Before putting the pullover, we have to see an important point: What kind of materials are done the cloth. The dye powder only works with natural materials. Normally, all the clothes have a big part -more than 50%- of cotton or wool, so there is no problem.
My pullover it's made of wool, so we have to put 2-3 teaspoons of salt and 9-10 teaspoons of vinegar.

Then, we put the pullover, soaked in water before- on the dying. We have to stir for 3o minutes without stopping.

Finally, we have to clarify the pullover on cold water, the time until we see the water clear. Then, the pullover have to stay 30 minutes on a bowl with 10l. of hot water with 25ml of the Deka Fixative.
And finally, hang up the pullover for dry it :)

It's possible that the pullover shrink a little, more if it's made of wool. But it's okay, because mine it's bigger than me xD
Now, we have our pullover in a cool grey :3 I have to sew sew the arms to keep from fraying and make the Ravenclaw's emblem on the chest.

In the next Deadly Hollow's entries, I will explain working a wand and the robe, and finally... Photoshoot!!! Be here, and I wish that my tutorials help you in some future.
Best wishes,


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